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Motorist gets annoyed when cyclists follow laws. Motorists get annoyed when cyclists break laws. Motorists get annoyed.

Motorist gets gentle slapdown from Dr. G.

If the law says you can go on the walk signal,then you are following the traffic law. Derp.

I've always tried to pull together why motorists have such a beef with cyclists and I still don't get it. Sure, there are some scofflaws (like the guy I almost hit the one day I was driving as he just ran a red around a blind corner--thankfully I was going slow), but that's the case with every mode of transit. At the end of day, each one of us riding is one less person driving or on the Metro (by and large, I guess they could argue HOV/slugs).

So if anything, it should be applause for thanks for making my commute home a little faster. And you would think they get that given how many drivers race from red light to red light changing lanes to get home 3 seconds faster.

PS--dear Vincent Orange, I took Wisconsin Ave for a few miles today just because you were a dick about it in the newspaper. It actually was kind of nice :).

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