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I emailed the author of the Post article about the fatality statistic. It seems he used a bike&ped statistic by mistake. I asked him to make the correction.


I figured there was something odd. If you take the metro DC area bike fatals and increase them by the national population, it made it look like DC was orders of magnitude safer (despite high bike mode share) which just made no sense.

She's not wearing a helmet! She's not wearing a helmet!

WABA should have DC driving safety campaign that focuses entirely on the number of bad things that can happen to drivers.

This is a huge improvement from AAA. Remember that City Paper article when Townsend called GGW creator Alpert some bad names.

I noticed recently that AAA Colorado is offering roadside bike assistance as part of its membership. Maybe AAA Potomac can think about that. Not that I will join.

It's like the MWCOG street smart campaign, which is ostensibly about safety, but is really just trying to send a not-very-subtle message that pedestrians and bikes should stay off the roads and out of the way. I think this campaign is particularly offensive.

AAA New England offers roadside assistance for cyclists too.

AAA may offer cyclist assistance, but so does Better World Club. I'll never give a penny to AAA.

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