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It's not illegal to hit a cyclist outside of the crosswalk if they have no lights and came out of nowhere. So there's no law to enforce.

At least they're going to do something. I really just wish they'd put a bridge over the road or something. That intersection makes me nervous every single day. I've learned to be very cautious going through it, but even when cautious there are still many occasions where I'm close to getting hit. Drivers take that turn way, way too fast, especially from the outer turning lane. I mean, I've seen some dangerous behavior from cyclists going through that as well, in particular regarding speed, but not really that much; far more often it's drivers not paying attention to people crossing or coming into the crosswalk (even from the angle where people are fully visible going towards DC) and just plowing ahead at full speed, then slamming on their brakes when they realize there's someone in the crosswalk. I'd say the most important thing you can do at that intersection is always make sure you're making eye contact with the drivers in both lanes as you're crossing so that you know they see you, and if you can't make eye contact then be careful and slow down, because it's likely that they're going to blow through the turn without paying attention.

Except now the cars will be dealing with a sharper turn, and can also skid into pedestrians and bikes. Added bonus: "they changed the road and was distracted"

If there's no bridge or tunnel to be built, the only solution that really will work that I can see would be to give peds/cyclists their own signal with no turn on red during it. These other items may help some, but the essential problem remains. Changing from two right turn lanes to one would also help some.

This shortened crossing of N Lynn St has long been fully funded and ought to have been completed more than a decade ago. Now we learn that this interim spot improvement won't be completed for two more years.

Slow project implementation in Arlington, however, is not limited to bicycle projects. On the plus side, Arlington's anti-cycling Columbia Pike Streetcar is now not planned to be in fare service until 2021!

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