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A pedestrian is not required to have lights, so that is not a basis to ticket here. Plus, its not dark at 8pm, when she was (apparently) hit.

She could have had flames spouting from her head and still gotten hit.

I think even a cyclist on a trail/in a crosswalk is required to have lights, but I may be wrong.

In the photo, many others have lights on. I believe it was raining, so it may have been dark enough to require lights.

My own motto is "If I'm flashin', I ain't crashin'".

She wasn't ticketed for not having lights,she was ticketed for "disregarding traffic signs or road markings". Which will hopefully get tossed in court.

You have to be a certain kind of dbag to hit someone with your car,and not give enough of a damn to even ask them if they're ok.

The lights issue is a strawman. This is a notorious intersection and pedestrians and cyclists are hit/almost hit here a lot, at all times of the day.

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