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Is this now open?

Nope. Every day this week it's been packed with parked cars.

On April 11, DDOT said it would be finished in "2-3 weeks". DDOT should learn to give more conservative estimates. I ride it every day and it seems far from finished. And the road is terrifying to ride right now (at least between 18th and 19th) due to the 3inch deep moat in the middle of one of the lanes. I feel like I'm jumping the grand canyon every time I need to swerve a double-parked truck.

At the BAC meeting, they said there have been some issues with vendors.

I'm not sure what value padding the completion date would add. They should give their best estimates.

I agree that the best estimates should be given. I (perhaps erroneously) thought that DDOT regularly missed scheduled deadlines for cycling infrastructure projects. If this is the case, then they may not be including enough tolerance to account for external delays (e.g., vendor-related trouble) when calculating their best estimates. If this project's delay is an anomaly with respect to a project missing DDOT's announced deadline, then the inaccuracy of Sam Zimbabwe's previously announced estimated completion date are understandable.

Respectfully to AtlasC, the inability of DDOT to begin projects, much less complete them, when it comes to bike infrastructure makes the Keystone Kops seem competent. Something is very broken in that department, and excuses about vendor management is just one of the things that continues to recur.

This is why I hope and pray Mary Cheh moves forward to do something, anything, to change the status quo. In my neighborhood, we have been waiting a year and a half for DDOT to install the promised bike boulevard. If I was to have started the project once promised and applied paint with a toothbrush, I'd be done by now.

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