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wait, this sounds like they want to convert the Eye street SW/SE bike lanes into a sharrows instead (to be able to add the bike lane real estate to the parking lane to create second travel lanes in each direction) That seems like a step backwards, esp given that the current plan says there should be cycle tracks there. Might not be so bad if they create real bike blvds on K or L, or really finish the ART between SW and SE. But those need to happen before the bike lanes are dropped on Eye Street.

Or am I misreading this?

You're not misreading this.

Maybe I am misinterpreting all this but I am very not pleased with a couple of the ideas presented above. Getting rid of the I St bike lane and replacing it with sharrows? Building "bike boulevards" on K and L St SW? K and L don't actually go anywhere, while the useful through street, I, is going to be downgraded? No thanks.


Oops, hadn't refreshed the page so I didn't see your post. Glad someone else saw this too.

Go to Google Maps and look at K St SW and L St SW. Utterly useless.

L runs from 9th SE to 3rd SW, which makes it 1 block longer than Eye (once the gap in Eye is fixed).

K runs from 5th SE to 3rd SW, and to 6th SW if you count the little connector trail. That makes it the length as Eye.

Not that this is necessarily a good idea, but I thought that was relevant.

thing is though, its already very easy to get from Eye to the part of L that goes east of Eye, near the Marine annex - its already effectively a bike blvd down there. The problems with K and L are the connections to SW waterfront - the route from the Capital Crescent and from the Mason Bridge to SW and SE DC. There is supposed to be a cycle track on Maine as part of the Wharf project (replacing the Water Street route), but what will it lead to? If there is no M Street cycle track, the ART looks like the only good east west option with good connections to Maine Ave.


But neither of those streets crosses the traffic sewer that is S Capitol. I'm not knocking L SE since I bike on it frequently, but it doesn't connect SE-SW.

While we're on the subject of E-W routes on the SE side, though, I have plenty of beefs. The only through connections south of 695 are Virginia Ave, L St, M St, and the ART. Except M St SE is a 6-lane speedway, Virginia is basically a long interstate off/on-ramp and only goes eastbound, the ART has a bike ban, and L St has various issues too. Where L crosses 8th SE, it's a two-way stop with heavy, uncontrolled cross traffic. The block between 8th and 9th is one-way westbound, and it isn't continuous to 11th. The intersection with 11th is a one-way stop, too; good luck turning left to go northbound on 11th.

I skimmed/read about the first 50 pages of the study and it is a crock of you-know-what. The whole thing is about how to move more and more and more cars as quickly as possible. I could go on for 2000 words about all the issues I see with the study. The study's findings, in a nutshell: Weeknight baseball games lead to busy roads. Let's make every road wider!!!!

well I guess they needed to respond to the new soccer stadium from an (auto) LOS perspective. yeah, on nights when there is a baseball game AND a soccer match, LOS goes all to hell. So all other things being equal you want to do what you can for throughput. Esp given as they assume loss of auto capacity to the dedicated transit lanes on M Street. Mostly by removing parking, which is okay cause there are enough garages, I guess. Thats okay EXCEPT for the impact on the Eye Street bike lanes, where its not just parking impacted. and the alts don't look like they have been fully thought out. Also its not clear to me if they think that M Street will have dedicated bike lanes, but I gather not.

and guess what - the newly announced moveDC plan STILL includes an EYE street cycle track! right hand meet left hand! or maybe the Events study is basically a CYA document so that when the soccer arena is built and auto LOS goes to hell, DDOT can point to it and say folks were warned.

The intersection of L and 8th Streets SE is a four-way stop -- at least as of 29 May. Over the last 25 years it hsa changed a number of times, but it is currently a four-way stop. (I usually avoid it and wait until 7th Street SE to head over to L Street SE.)

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