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Incrediby sad news.

Seems like the cop's only real question is whether the "bicyclist, pedestrian, whatever was -- any portion of them was in the roadway at the time they were struck" (gotta love the "whatever"). You can hear him trying to be fair when he throws in the possibility that the pickup truck driver could be at fault when he adds, "or if the vehicle in some way veered off the road and struck the bicyclists."

The vehicle. "Somehow" veered off the road. It's obvious where this will end.

I know this is ranting to the choir, but why does driver speed never come up? Did that pickup truck driver here choose to drive too fast to be able to react in time to something at the side of - or on the edge of - or with a pinky toe on - the road?

There's no question the driver failed to react in time. He killed a person. So how fast was he going? At that speed, how less likely was it that he'd have time to react and swerve and avoid the crash? 50% less likely? 75? Was the driver's speed reckless? Why does it seem these questions are never asked?

Regardless. It's your job to not crash into things in the street. If you're going fast enough that you can't avoid crashing into a stopped vehicle in the road, you're going too fast. Even if you're going 15 mph below the speed limit.

This is a sad reminder of the lesson that if you need to stop for whatever reason, move away from the side of the road. I've heard of accidents like this before.

Unfortunately it looks like KY has the dreaded "roads are for cars" rule. Even worse then VA's.

Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at a point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles upon the roadway.

AFAIK all states have a variation of this rule:
Posted speed limits do not tell you at what speed to drive. They only tell you what the maximum legal speed is under ideal conditions. By law, you have to go slower if conditions make the posted speed limit unsafe.
Speed should be adjusted to varying road conditions and situations. Speed adjustment as it relates to the following topics is discussed below:
• Kentucky speed limits.
• The condition of the road.
• Visibility.
• Traffic conditions.

coupled with this …
Hills and curves. When you come to a hill or curve, adjust your speed so you can stop if a stalled car or slow-moving vehicle is in your lane.

and i think one can make a case for recklessness in many accidents where the driver mows someone down in the road and offers the defense they didn't have time see or react to avoid the collision.

But I've never heard it done :(. The roads truly are for cars.


I just don't understand the police rationalization. It could have been a disabled motorist, someone walking along the shoulder, or any number of things and yet somehow it's a quest to prove the innocence of the driver.

This is terribly sad, but I don't think it's really a bicycling story. This is a story about a disabled traveler, whether she was fixing her bike or her car, and whether she was in the road or out of the road. There was no shoulder, and the hills and curves look like they have poor sightlines for what I'm guessing is a 45 mph rural highway.

If she was doing the bike repair along the white line marking the edge of the roadway, it's a reminder to all of us to do that sort of thing in a safe place.

I can't wait until this story, with its auto-play ad, drops off the front page.

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