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While all of this would be spectacular, I'm not particularly hopeful any of this will come to fruition in my lifetime.

I've seen and heard a lot of pessimistic comments about DDOT's ability to follow through on a plan

Put me in the glass half empty camp. I've only given a cursory look through but it immediately struck me as an aggregation of everybody's wish list and not as an actual plan to be implemented as is.

Given the uncertainty of a Bowser administration and the fact that stakeholders opposing any bike facilities at every turn has become standard I can't see how an agency as lackadaisically run as DDOT will ever manage a tenth of this unless they are driven very hard.

Hope I am very wrong!

Two things: First, not sure why Tenley Circle is identified as a problem. It isn't especially difficult. Two, The Fort Circle Trail connecting across Rock Creek Park would be huge. It's shocking that there is no direct bicycle route across the Park.

There are ton of southbound cyclists on 19th street between Dupont circle and PA Ave area. It would be nice to get a southbound protected lane on the west side. The right (east) side is a defacto loading lane, and there are some big left turn, like on to L, so I think it should be on the west. Even a small protected 4" lane would be a big improvement.

You can't make progress without a vision, and this is a very detailed, well articulated, aggressive vision. Its quite possible not all of it will end up completed, but it is still a big step forward, IMO.

Can we get a wider path over TR bridge please?!

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