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Trying to figure out where in Fredericksburg this is?

Baltimore did this where the Gwynns Falls Trail crosses the railroad tracks at Frederick Rd. I was very impressed, considering that cars are just being detoured around the area. Unfortunately I don't seem to have a photo.

Must be some kind of prefab bridge.

I'm glad they did this so ped and bike can continue. But 15 million dollars? Really? Ouch!

@KW: people need to walk from one side of 15 to the other. They don't want to close 15, they don't want people to run across 15, the remaining option is to provide an overpass. Telling people to walk a couple of extra miles is simply not an option.

The real solution is to have multiple viable routes for pedestrians.

The entire project is $15M, mostly for the vehicle bridge replacement.

Ohhh-- I read the cost page as just pertaining to the ped/bike bridge. VERY different number! I feel better. 15 million for something temporary made my wallet hurt.

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