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A "small batch" of CaBi stations sounds like they are artisanal CaBi's :)

"if manufacturing resumes"

Outside of Alta, the only systems using BIXI are Montreal and London. Big systems.

(although I'd wager the future of the Montreal system is up in the air as they were cross subsidies built in on international sales)

But ALTA wants to move away from BIXI.

And given the uncertainly about IP rights, Montreal+London can't just order new bikes and docks from the suppliers.

The City of Montreal has taken over their bikeshare system. The new Bixi International is no longer connected to the Montreal system.

Alta is moving away from Bixi. I would expect them to start adding the new Alta/8D bike stations at some point. They can be designed to be compatible with the current Bixi bikes as well as the new bikes that Alta/8D are using in Seattle (and likely at other systems).

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