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This dont solve the supply issue.

From what I understand, no stations, bikes or keyfobs are rolling off the assembly line at Bixi. Controlling Alta doesnt solve that problem.

Right. I don't know why anyone would think it would. But I heard from DDOT that they have more stations coming this month. And more keys too.

Many of the NYC-based articles say the purchase will allow Citibike to expand. They are incorrect.

Good enws that more stations are being sent

As you remember, REQX tried to buy the BIXI assets.

Buying ALTA gives them the freedom to choose new equipment providers. Or bring in new equipment for NYC and use the older stuff for the other cities.

(alternatively, the BIXI assets could be flipped to REQX. However it was unclear who had the IP to the stuff)

As I said during the BIXI bankruptcy, I have some serious doubts whether anyone will ever make BIXI style bikes again.

At least REQX seems seriously intersted in bikesharing, as opposed to that joker who bought BIXI.


Alta has already moved on past Bixi. They have formed a new partnership with 8D Technologies, the company that created the original software for Bixi systems. (Capital Bikeshare uses 8D software.)

Bixi tried to buy 8D a few years ago. When 8D refused, Bixi dropped 8D software and began using their own software for new systems. It's that faulty software that was used in NYC and Chicago. Those cities withheld substantial dollars, leading to the cash flow problems that resulted in Bixi's bankruptcy.

Earlier this year, Alta and 8D announced a new partnership for new and existing bikeshare systems. They would use 8D software and they designed a next generation bike station, which includes member key sales directly from the kiosk. They recently announced their first bikeshare system with the new set-up, Pronto! in the Puget Sound/Seattle area.

Bixi is now irrelevant for Alta systems and for bikeshare in general. Alta and 8D are already starting down a Bixi-free path. Bixi never manufactured the bikes. Even if they did, it's not really important. There are plenty of bike manufacturers that can supply bikes.

Michael H, its not that simple. The system needs one standard dock and bikes that can dock into it. They cant call up Bcycle and buy their bikes because the docks are all proprietary.

It may require the entire system be replaced at some point, resulting in a 1-3 week outage.

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