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If only there were some sort of proven technology available to keep cars in their lanes...

There is proven technology, but we have to concede that Penn Ave NW is a unique street due to the inauguration route and the role that CFA and NPS have with it. So the chosen tech needs to fit in with those unique requirements.

@washcycle: if they cared, they could take out the cyclist safety provisions every four years, just as they take out the motorist safety provisions (stop lights, etc.) They simply don't consider the cyclist safety issue as compelling. (It certainly couldn't be more technically challenging to unbolt some barriers than to disconnect a bunch of traffic lights, etc.)

I guess it depends on the barriers. What existing technology are we talking about? Jersery barriers? (those probably will not fly with NPs, CFA, Secret Service).

"Twice as long as zebras and four inches high."

That's what she said.

@washcycle: CFA has an advisory role, not a veto on issues of human life and safety. The onus on them should be to present a preferred alternative for a *safety issue*. They wouldn't be allowed to force removal of fire hydrants on the basis of them being ugly, they wouldn't be allowed to force the removal of traffic lights on the basis of them being ugly, why on earth has DDOT let them have their way on this? It's a life safety issue and should be treated accordingly.

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