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That's part of my commuting route. I was contemplating those diamonds this morning on the ride in and wondering if this was the original DC bike lane. Sorely needs a restriping, especially this section.

So it falls under historic protection status should the road ever be repurposed, no?

Every faded bike lane is asking to be a protected lane, since it a glaring sign that motorists are not respecting the space. At 35' wide, there's enough space to make a protected lane, without eliminating parking or removing any travel lanes! This is some serious low-hanging fruit.

8' Parking
10' Travel
8' Parking
3' buffer/curb
6' protected bike lane

A Danish friend had this one his facebook: . I can't translate it, but he explained the basis of it was that there are polite cyclists and impolite ones. In this case, the impolite ones just leave their bikes leaning against shop windows and there is some form of bicycle towing there. So apparently those whom are towed get really mad because they have to pay a fee to get their bikes back. I told him, here people are too worried their bike will be stolen and we can't really police the cars breaking laws/parking illegally, so it's not an issue. But it's an issue that I would be happy to have because we would then have a serious biking contingent.

Either they dont make paint like they used to, or that was touched up in the past 10 years.

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