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Of course, the ALL POWERFUL BIKE LOBBY does not concern itself with mere bankruptcies: it controls the levers of power.

This expansion is a very welcome addition to the Alexandria Bike Share system since it ties the Del-Ray and Carlyle neighborhoods into the existing system which just serves the Old Town area of Alexandria. Most of the area served by the new system is relatively flat and is very easy to ride. It also ties the Eisenhower Ave Metro into the system so that bikers can now access all three of the Metro stations that serve Alexandria. These stations were supposed to be installed a year ago and with the bankruptcy problems of the equipment supplier, I had given up any hope of the system ever being expanded. So … thank you Capital Bike Share for making life in Alexandria a little more pleasant.

So much for all the reports that stated CaBi would be unable to expand at all this year or for the foreseeable future.

The Del Ray locations are a great place for bike stations. Now if someone could convince the Potomac Yard shopping center owners to add some stations there, then Alexandria CaBi would be even better.

The stations were supposed to go in early this year but were delayed by the bankruptcy. Before the bankruptcy, the city was talking about adding an additional 15 stations in 2015, bringing the total from 16 (now) to 31.

There are plenty of great locations Alexandria that are not being served, such as South Old Town, Bradlee Shopping Center (near Arlington stations), NOVA CC (also somewhat near Arlington stations), Arlandria, and Potomac Yard.

Too keep expansion on track, it might help to write to City Council to thank them for the latest stations and to express support for further expansion.

Plus One on a station at Potomac Yards. I was just there yesterday and had to walk form Crystal City.

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