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So the new streetcar will run LESS frequently that the X2 bus, it will cover a shorter distance (requiring more transfers), it has made H Street less safe for bikes, AND it won`t allow bikes during rush hours? Incredible. How much did this cost again??

Anyone know if they'll have a different policy for folding bikes, like Metro does?


Don't know but I hard time believing they would object if it has been folder up.

Of course - Amtrak often does :(

I support WMATA's ban, but the streetcar ban is stupid. The safety and other concerns are different, so the policy should be different.

Because it would be oh so hard to put racks on the front or back of streetcars.

Oh, classic DDOT. One division is off building bike lanes, painting the roads appropriately, etc. Another is off demanding bicyclists stay off the streetcars except during the middle of the workday.

I agree with the argument about the overall usefulness and viability of the Street Car, but for the sake of accuracy and good anecdotes; there are adquate bicycle facilities on G and I streets NE that run parallel to H st, completely mitigating any need to bike on H unless you want to cross the tracks perpendicular.

I don't think a ban is a great idea, but why would anyone need to put a bike on the streetcar anyway? Unless the bike was not functioning, I don't think the streetcar line has any advantages to just biking the same distance. Unless I'm missing something.

Metro rail could be considered different because the distances it covers are comparatively vast, but the streetcar will just run a few dozen blocks. If you have a bike, why wouldn't you just bike that?

Who knows? If no one is going to take their bike on the streetcar, then the rule isn't needed. If someone is, then it harms them. Who cares why?

Besides, it sets a bad precedent for future streetcars which will be more like the bus, and plenty of people take their bike on the bus.

Looks like there's more than just no bikes on streetcars,looks like DDOT wants to ban bikes on roads with streetcar tracks:

Show your support and hit the red button.

The precedent thing I can see. I just can't imagine anyone wanting to take their bike on the streetcar under its current plan.

Thanks for the link, dynaryder. That's a terrible idea, and I did indeed click the red button.

@DE Think to the future, when the streetcar will go somewhere.

Other cities, such as SF and Portland OR, contain capable adults who are able to handle bikes being on trains. They set aside specific spots for those bikes on those trains. I'd like to think the DC can handle this also. I'd hate to think we are a bunch of "can't do" losers.

Yeah, I almost commented that SF seems to do it fine, at least when I was there in the spring. I wasn't sure how it worked during rush hour since I was riding at off-peak times.

One of the theme I harp on is that it sometimes seems half the country is becoming a bunch of can't-do losers.

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