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These things are based more on politics and advocacy than any sort of objective measure, but I'd say 5th is pretty good and probably about right for DC. DC is definitely more bike friendly than NYC, but so are Portland and Minneapolis, and probably Chicago.

Let's hope this spurs Arington to push to get better. I'd also say that Baltimore should climb way up the list once they get bike share the Cycle track connecting Hopkins and downtown up and running.

I suspect there is an element of rewarding the City that seems to have the most momentum at any given time. DC has lost some momentum, particularly in the rate of creation of new cycling infrastrucutre.

Looking at it from a perspective of which city is better to bike in, I'd still say it's DC.

Can't speak to Portland (never been there), but Minneapolis beats DC hands down...

I'm just glad DC is ahead of Tucson. My family all lives out there and they say it's a bicycling paradise...If you're training for your pro season, it may be, but if you just want to hop on a bike and ride to the store it's terrible. It's one gigantic sprawled out suburb. You have to go 10+ miles to get anywhere in that city.

That's how I felt about Phoenix. Lots of bike lanes, but lots of long rides to go anywhere.

I used to wonder why "Bicycling" or the "Bike League" ranked Virginia (which does not pave any of its highway shoulders) better than Maryland (which paves its shoulders).

@Win Barber: maybe because that's not true?

It's true in some areas of Maryland, but, while I'm sure some cyclists would prefer to have a shoulder to ride on, it's not really bicycling infrastructure, and I wouldn't want to be told I had to ride there with all the glass and tire parts that pile up.

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