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I'm confused; what is currently preventing murderous hordes from approaching his backyard?

Wouldn't this be SE Maryland, not NE Maryland?

I don't know, but I thought it was just south of the Delaware border, so it must be NE.

I usually think of NE maryland as being like Cecil Counnty. Salisbury is the lower eastern shore, and is not NE Maryland. No place on the eastern shore is called Northeast Maryland, AFAIK.

Mardela Springs is roughly the same Lat as La Plata, and Stafford cty Va

I've seen Mr. Colston's backyard. He has nothing to worry about. And like most other property owners, if he wants a big fence, head to the nearest Lowe's.

From the video: There could be "bikes or even people" on that trail.

More evidence that those bicycle people aren't really people.

Anything south of the Choptank is called the Lower Shore. Things that happen there don't usually get much coverage, so thanks for this post!

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