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Ah yes, yellow journalism!

The wash cycle used research -> Super Effective!

I get nearby residents being unhappy about losing the quietness of the current trail. The campaign of deception they have waged against the Purple Line, though, is simply odious. On every rational line of argument, they lose.

It's been made clear the ridership numbers are fictional, and those that support dare to use terms like 'research' and 'rational.' What a disaster.

They're projections, so in that sense they're not real, but what else should be used?

The people I know in Chevy Chase against the PL usually cite one or more of these reasons (in no particular order)

1) Loss of quiet walking trail.

2) Don't want development that transit would bring.

3) personally own property adjacent the trail and have significantly extended their yards into the public right-of-way.

4) Mass transit will bring crime.

When I've talked with an opponent I've asked them to honestly tell me how often they use the trail. Most common answer is 2 or 3 times a year.

The people I know who frequently use the trail have been in favor of the PL as it will also improve the trail for commuting.

Perhaps theres a country club membership in it for him.

Didn't Rupert Murdoch just buy National Geographic? The False News approach to blogging there now I guess.

Personally, I liked the argument that the project would only enable more sprawl.

By that logic, any and all development in Montogomery County counts as sprawl.

If you're going to use that argument then you have to answer why the people already living there aren't somehow "sprawl".


21st Century Fox bought most of the National Geographic properties this year, everything except the Society itself and the museum on 17th St NW.

Rule number one: when citing information from the organization formerly known as National Geographic (TOFKANG) either use the new catchy acronym or some other alteration such as Irrational Geographic. Unless of course the information was prior to the date of its transformation into a legendary greenwash whore.

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