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Ugh... the double parking on 14th street in the bike lane is well known to anyone that has ever biked down that street, even once.

There is no excuse for not enforcing the law against parking in bike lanes.

I live off 14th and almost never use the bike lane for that reason. Drivers get really really really upset with me nearly every time I go on 14th.

I would much rather have people uber/taxi there to go out than drive themselves, so my vote is to greatly reduce the number of parking spaces to increase the number of legal drop-off spots.

In terms of biking, this is a document full of half-measures that will be "explored", whatever that means. Rubbish! Build the things that work: Road diets, protected bike lanes, traffic calming, and protected intersections. Anything else is a distraction to get the pesky bike people off of DDOT's back.

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