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Every federal facility that I'm familiar with (about 10 total) has a helmet requirement. Helmet requirements kill bikeshare.

My experience is that many guards at these facilities regard people riding bicycles as second class citizens. My experience is consistent with reports from others who ride on military or federal campuses.

Just today my local bicycle listserv had yet another discussion about the guards at Joint Base Anacostia Bolling. They (usually) require people with bicycles to use a card-activated pedestrian gate instead of riding through in line with the cars. When the automatic gate doesn't work well or when the the person isn't familiar with its operation (the on-screen instructions are nearly impossible to read in bright sunlight), some of the guards get angry.

The military is a culture where "fitting in" is valued. Until that culture decides that bicycling is a proper "USA USA USA" thing to do, bicycle commuting will be open to only the most committed cycling enthusiasts.

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