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There was an increase in all sorts of fatalities, consistent with a general increase in the number of car trips (which have been increasing).

Interesting also that fatalities per VMT is about the same, but fatalities per bike trips is down.

The more car miles you drive, the more deaths. The more bike commuters there are, the less death. Now, if we can just get all the drivers to ride, we should be a lot better off.

Saw some data recently (can't remember where) that single vehicle crashes have risen by more than 1/3 in the past decade. Could this be due to the significant percentage of motorists who pay more than attention to their phones than to their driving? Might this also be a factor in the number motorcyclist, pedacyclist, and pedestrian deaths? Hmmm...

Kolo: YES

Hopefully some of the newer technologies in cars will start reversing this trend.

Rise in single vehicle crashes could be related in rise in suicides.

I heard bicycle-car rear end collisions have been on the rise as well over the last 15 years. I believe the argument was distracted driving (cell phones) were to blame.

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