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Last I checked, which has been a few years, it wasn't true that painted markings automatically create bike lanes in DC. In fact, I'm not even sure paint is required.

What -is- required is official publication in the DC Register. Regulations actually say (said?) DPW is required to publish notice, but that dates back to when DDOT was part of DPW. I looked into this while fighting the Pennsylvania Avenue fights - no notice was published for them in 2010 so lane restrictions were unenforceable. Prior to the executive order prohibiting U-turns across bike lanes DDOT caught up on registering all bike lanes that had been neglected.

I haven't seen similar notices posted since, so it's possible either the requirement changed through rulemaking or we again have a bunch of painted lines that don't have valid legal status. (Or something else, but since paint-only bike lanes with legal status don't help anybody I find it hard to care.)

I believe the requirement changed through rulemaking recently.

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