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In the WABA forum someone pointed out the interesting use of the word 'charge' rather than the more typical use of 'issued a citation'.

It's possible/probable there will be a civil suit.

yeah, I'd expect a civil suit no matter what.

While I feel bad for the pedestrian and the cyclist, at least it shows that the police take these things seriously.

Still don't understand... do we have any details on what traffic law/signal he broke?

A terrible tragedy. I think we would all benefit from knowing exactly what happened and how to avoid it in the future.

Given that is a signalized intersection, it's a safe bet that the cyclist ran a red light. Criminal liability is still unlikely, though.

If a driver runs a red light and kills a pedestrian, it is not negligent homicide. One would have to prove that the driver ran several red lights in a row so that the red-light running was deliberate and not simply a failure to notice the light.

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