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I rode this section of the trail yesterday. The bridge is now removed from the trail and is sitting on the grass to the right of this picture. We were able to cross the stream channel by carrying our bikes down the embankment and up the other side. For anyone who doesn't want to do that, there is an easy detour via the metro station. Of course, it would be nice if the parks dept. would sign that detour.

Here is a link to an update from the Department of Parks and Recreation

"NW BRANCH TRAIL UPDATE: The Department of Parks and Recreation will be removing the damaged bridge and replacing it with a temporary bridge that will provide safe passage along the NW Branch Trail. The new bridge will be open by May 24, possibly earlier if weather cooperates. ..."

I rode on this section of the trail today and the bridge has been repaired and is open.

Just upstream, the bridge at the very beginning (south end) of the Sligo Creek Trail has a sign announcing that it will be closed "7/31/2017." Not clear if the closure is multi-day, starting on July 31, or perhaps it's just closed one day for re-planking. There's been some nice new wood planks installed on a trail bridge downriver near Bladensburg.

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