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I passed through there on Saturday not realizing they had made the improvements, and to be honest, I'm a bit uneasy about the final product.

Here's the set-up: pedestrians/cyclists have a button to press and a full crosswalk light (standard walk/don't walk), and drivers have the collection of HAWK-like lights you described above. By the way, the road still has a 45 mph speed limit.

I pressed the button and waited for the crosswalk light to change. Drivers immediately stopped for me and waved me through even though the don't walk signal was still showing. This happened for both crossings. It wasn't until after I had crossed that the stoplight turned red for drivers and the walk signal showed, so that part seemed to have been wasted.

There are 2 problems here: 1) drivers seem confused, and confused drivers will make unpredictable decisions, and 2) there is an element of wasted time as drivers stop on the flashing yellow earlier than they need to which should be on red, and I know MD State Highway Administration will probably take action to save drivers to the detriment of safety.

If you want some pics of the crossing, I have them here: https://twitter.com/bobco85/status/883827793099882496

Let's not forget, motor vehicle operators in maryland are not required to yield to a person riding a bike in a crosswalk until October. 3 months of open season on cyclists...

@bobco85 - I had the EXACT same experience/opinion today as a pedestrian at the sister intersection with the same setup on Route 1 in College Park. Seems like the beg button requires an unnecessarily long time to cycle. This signal has been active for about a year.

Having a don't cross light prohibits the pedestrian from crossing -- so why all the fancy fanfare in flashing yellow light? I'm not sure where the disconnect is, but how do these treatments become so horrible for pedestrians?!?

Given the conflicting signals mentioned above, seems like it would be more logically consistent for trail users to have a flashing red (like a low-volume traffic light, not like a don't walk signal) while drivers have a flashing yellow. Then if you're at the crossing and there are no cars around, or if cars are yielding already, you cross without pressing the button...

Kolo (et al),
Is it really true that's the end of the potential free-for-all? I read the Post article on the bill, but I also read the General Assembly procedures doc. The procedures summary reads as though the assembly must re-vote following a veto. The governor vetoed bill 925 and the Assembly has not yet voted again, if the bill history is current.


There wasn't another bill, was there? I pondered contacting the Post article's author as the article did not list which bill had passed.

Given the conflicting signals mentioned above, seems like it would be more logically consistent for trail users to have a flashing red (like a low-volume traffic light, not like a don't walk signal) while drivers have a flashing yellow.

Flashing red light isn't a traffic control that applies to pedestrians. The only traffic controls that apply to pedestrians are Walk/Don't Walk and red/green if an intersection is signalized and doesn't include Walk/Don't Walk signs. So the Walk/Don't Walk signs are the correct signals.

I would say the flashing yellow is the wrong signal. Flashing yellow means you have right of way but be on the lookout for crossing and entering traffic that may violate your right of way. The signal that a light is about to turn red is a solid yellow.

Hi @Just Another Rider,

I'm very late to the conversation, but it looks like HB977 was passed, extending crosswalk protections to bicyclists and other non-motorized users. From the looks of things, Governor Hogan signed HB977 and vetoed HB925, as they were very similar.


Finally the button that did nothing does something!!

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