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Just curious how an adult professional can write that determination, and go along with their day...

This would absolutely keep me up at night were it my job to make such determinations. How is it they come out so obviously wrong, and continue to do so in the Vision Zero era?

My god. Literally outrageous.

Surely it's just a misprint, and they meant driver inattention instead? ...

If I recall correctly, the investigation determined that Gooden had no lights. The reported time of the collision was 20min after sunset, but still 6min before civil twilight, so it wasn't completely dark. At the very least, the official record should mention illumination as a factor.

Errors like this suggest the likelihood of systematic bias in cyclist entries, which throws the value of the entire FARS data set into question.

It's not a misprint, but it could be a clerical error. I think that's the generous interpretation, but that still brings into question the utility and accuracy of the FARS data (which I've kind of been hitting for years now - it's about 80-90% accurate). Being less generous the person who filled out the form actually thinks the cyclist was at fault for a failure to pay attention because he was riding with a friend (which was true) and perhaps they were talking. From the form it's impossible to know. Perhaps someone can FOIA the police report.

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