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study, study, study, while the people get no where and die. Thanks, DDOT.

Except that DDOT has built 1 new trail this year, and is doing a full rehab of two others. And they're putting in cycle-tracks and road diets and bike lanes elsewhere. They do do a lot of studies, but would you have them do none? It's not true that all they do is study. Could we get more done? I think so, but that would need to come from the Mayor.

I like K street in general because it's a good through street between NW and NE without getting too crazy (east of Mt. Vernon Square at least).

So bike lanes would just improve that by a bunch.

Let's tell the whole story.
A bike lane along the K Street corridor will cut parking in half (or more) by taking away all southside parking. There is no room to support parking on the northside, the side streets, or the prostitute-filled alleys. Elderly and handicapped transportation options disappear and cause safety hazard requiring crossing the street. Speeding cars passing in the right lane will use the lanes and create more safety issues. Speed will actually increase eastbound. This proposal hurts 10 blocks worth of permanent, many long-time, residents.

There is no room to support parking on the northside, the side streets, or the prostitute-filled alleys.

Looking at satellite photos, most of the houses on K Street have garages in back.

Elderly and handicapped transportation options disappear

This is shutting down MetroAccess?


All we are is dust in the wind.

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