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Hey, the Talbot Ave bridge is great to stop on and watch the commuter trains rumble underneath. Small consolation against the loss of the trail but it's a much better ride now that the bridge is closed to motor traffic.

The County has a funny sense of humor. They put up "sidewalk closed" signs on the south side of Jones Bridge at Connecticut, at least on the west side of Connecticut

Phew, what a cluster. Once a winter and once a summer, when it's too cold or too hot for the CCT to be crowded (hate the CCT when crowded), I usually ride it and the GBT to Rock Creek, into DC, then back into Arlington for a nice loop. Obviously I'm not going to use their official detour, and obviously I am going to go through the neighborhoods of Chevy Chase. Those don't look that easy to navigate, so doubtless, without signage, I'll get turned around, backtrack, and go through lots more roads that are just too quiet for cyclists.

You can't do a CCT-RCP loop now anyway. A stretch of RCP is closed.

It would seem the County is doing work on the "replacement Georgetown Branch Trail" still as the construction signs had been removed from the sidewalk on Friday morning.

My only experience in riding through Chevy Chase in Maryland caused me to ride past kids playing basketball in the street. I cannot imagine what the locals think of the auto traffic. It is a wonder they have not closed the roads altogether.

Thanks, Crickey. I knew the trail was closed but thought you could bypass it on the road.

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