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Is that stretch outside the jurisdiction of College Park? 'Cause, geez, College Park can certainly be zealous about parking enforcement down around the shopping areas.

I've noticed this as a major problem on the trail along MacArthur Blvd. leading out to Great Falls. (Not a bike lane per se, but a Multi-Use Path). There are stretches where the trail runs in what used to be the shoulder but was converted to the trail, which is a terrible idea for a lot of reasons. Many motorists are not aware that it's not a shoulder, because it looks like one to all but the most discerning eyes. Since the trail is narrow and 2-way (also a terrible idea), when the trail is blocked cyclists have to pull out into opposing traffic to go around parked cars. Last weekend there were parked cars all the way from the start of the trail to Brickyard Road.

I've seen NPS staff directing people to park there during events at Glen Echo.

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