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What makes me suspicious is that the purported arguments in favor of tearing down the Whitehurst make no sense, so I have to wonder what the real motivation is. Currently the area is extremely pedestrian friendly, and it makes no sense that replacing the freeway with a groundlevel road would make it more pedestrian friendly. What it isn't is car-friendly -- it's hard to get onto and off of Water Street. But the reason has nothing to do with the freeway -- the problems are the canal, the steep hill going up to M Street, and congestion further east on K Street. Tearing down the freeway doesn't help any of that.

Water Street currently carries a lot of bikes -- possibly more per day than cars. What I most worry about is that cyclists are going to lose out -- that the road that exists today is going to be replaced by some benighted urban planner's idea of what a bike facility should look like, rather than a transportation resource.



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