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"The building would involve construction of a driveway across the Custis Trail."

Not quite true. The driveway to the proposed building already exists and it exits onto North Lynn Street just north of the intersection with Lee Highway and the I-66 offramp, which means it crosses the sidewalk that leads to the south side of the Key Bridge.

The Custis Trail uses the east-west sidewalk along the north side of Lee Highway and the I-66 exit ramp. Unless there's a proposal to build a new driveway from the site to the SOUTH onto the I-66 exit ramp (which would never be approved by VDOT or anyone else) the project would not affect the integrity of the Custis Trail proper. Though it would be another hazard for cyclists going to the Key Bridge.

The site has an interesting history, as I understand it. It was seized by VDOT for I-66 construction back in the 1960s but never actually used. Eventually the former owner got it back through a lawsuit, and he's been trying to put a high-rise on it for several years now.

I seriously doubt that the County Board will ever approve a building on that site - Rosslyn Circle is complicated enough already without an active driveway there. Plus I think they want to put a boathouse on the site. The proposal has been deferred every time it's come up since 2001.

As for the trail tunnel, it's a nice idea, but I cycle through Rosslyn Circle twice a day and even I'm not sure it'd be worth the money. There must be more cost-effective possibilites, like a short pedestrian/cyclist-only light cycle.

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