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Ooooo! That Ohiopyle/Confluence area is GREAT!!! I went on a bike trip with friends last year from Pittsburgh to DC which included that stretch, and I can honestly say, it was -- to me -- the absolutely best part!

In short, I'm jealous.

And what's up with dropping the bike trail because of the "environmental impact" of it? Somehow I missed that back when the decision was made...!

I wish I could do the whole DC-Pittsburgh ride. I joke that next time I fly out of Pittsburgh's airport I'll just bike to it.

I'm no supporter of the ICC, but losing the trail added insult to injury. And for environmental reasons? but the highway will be sooooooooo green.

I know very little about the ICC except it has been talked about since before I was born
that it is a no brainer that there should be a multi-use bike path that runs along side of it


there should be a dirt single track path along side of that

now that would be awesome!

it is not that great of a distance
they need to open their eyes to the future

what would Marty O' Malley do?

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