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The "brief" construction on East Basin Drive lasts only...18 months. That's a long detour. Cars heading for the 14th St. Bridge treat that bit of road like an acceleration lane, and now all of the pedestrians and commuters will be ambling across. Let's be careful out there.

The notice from the NPS is a little misleading, as it implies that cyclists must use the sidewalk. Here's the full scoop: during construction, the southbound sidewalk will be closed and the right southbound lane of East Basin Drive will be closed from 7am to 3pm. Pedestrians must use the northbound sidewalk; cyclists may use either the northbound sidewalk, or the open lanes of East Basin Drive.

I cycle down there almost daily, and I would strongly recommend using the roadway rather than the sidewalk.

"No word on whether or not the new trail portion will be graded so that the center is higher than the edges for good drainage. This (I forget the technical term for it) is almost never done on trails (though always on roads) so probably not."

Crown is the term you are looking for.

I'm with Contrarian on this -- hey, does that make me a contrarian? -- I cycle quite frequently along that stretch and I never use the sidewalk. Take your spot in the road!

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