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parkway deli is a family favorite
in the winter we eat the matso ball soup as much as we can factor in

the ICC need to have a bike path along side of it
city planners can not see past their steering wheel

that photo of the egg cracked skull....
helmets... a no brainer

I thought you were talking about legal prostitution when you mentioned amsterdam and taepai

as far as bicycle and car interaction...
there has to be an issue of contributory neglect
if a car is exceeding the speed limit by one mile per hour
they are breaking the law with the same level of modification as a cyclist rolling through a stop sign

I was in a motorcycle accident a million years ago
the car was 100 percent at fault
there was a judge who felt that I was at fault for not having enough wheels
that my being on a two wheel vehicle caused my injury
as my arm would not have broken had i been in a car
(I am simplifying that story)

Rabinowitz is kind of nutty and your reply was right on. I've been accused of working against environmental groups myself for supporting the ICC trail. Some points:

1. As you said, the project is almost a done deal. Someone needs to help shape it.
2. Bike groups remained decidedly neutral on the ICC itself. We also remained neutral on abortion, the Iraq War, immigration...
3. All roads should be built with bikes in mind, even roads we don't like (which for environmental groups is all roads, as far as I can tell)
4. Many groups who are fighting the ICC, including the Sierra Club, also fight bike paths not next to roads. They're still trying to kill the Matthew Henson trail and in 2002 tried to ban all path construction in Montgomery County stream valleys. One SC leader said the ICC path isn't needed because bike accommodations aren't important outside of the city and inner suburbs. At one anti-ICC rally a big parking lot was full with cars driven by opponents. I'm not convinced they really care about non-polluting transportation.

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