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Thank you for covering the stoty. This is the my first encounter to a local bike accident news.

It is happening, car vs bike accident, righ? Why we don't hear about it more? DC simply does not care about bikes and people ride them? Why I don't hear more about local event like Ride of Silence, Critical Mass, Bike Week, BikeShare etc actively happening in DC like Toront and some other cities? Sorry, just a bit frustrated...

BTW, the picture, is it an accual ghost bike for Dr. Kaufman?

No that Ghost bike in the photo was put up for musician Matthew Sperry


I was interested to see this quote: "According to the driver, as she moved her vehicle across the double yellow line to get around Dad"

This brings to mind a general traffic question that my son posed when he was learning to drive. "Why is it ok to cross a double yellow line to pass a bike, but not a car or motorcycle?"

I did not know, told him to ask his instructor, and there was never a real answer.

Thank you for exploring how the poor facility may have contributed to the scientist's death. This question is so rarely addressed in bicycle and pedestrian crashes, but we need to start asking it after every crash -- because so many deaths can be prevented with better facilities.

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