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I think the District has realized what is a reality for most cyclists. Most who ride already will ignore the MBT, since it's not likely to go where they want, unless they work on Capitol Hill, even then, in almost any configuration, there are faster, lightly trafficked alternatives between Rhode Island Ave and Union Station. The loss from this particular lack of planning will be folks who are thinking about it, but don't already ride to work. This has the potential to have a significant effect on traffic in the area: with two office buildings and one mixed-use building being built between Florida and R St., along with at least two others being planned (I think), the smaller roads (4th st NE, mostly) are likely to pick up enough traffic to get the cyclists off the roads there. Will they drive or ride the poorly routed MBT? The MBT is some other mayor's project that no candidate feels particularly strongly about, and the current mayor/council isn't interested either. In any other state/county/city, this would be a Parks and Recreation project. For example, the bike path repairs from last week's rains are nearly complete on the Anacostia Tributaries. PG County has a department (with money) dedicated to park management that can do its job. Imagine that.

I have to disagree Kevin. The MBT will affect far more cyclists than you are accounting for. I recieve 10-20 emails a week for commuter route assistance, and a decent percentage of those come from people who the MBT would affect positively. If you sit out in front of Mocha Hut on 14th St any given morning(if its still open) you'll see quite a few commuters headed in to downtown from silver spring/takoma- many of which would benefit from the MBT. Recreationally, there are not a lot of option the NE area for cyclicst, joggers, skaters, etc while NW has Rock Creek,CCT, C&O and easy access to MT. Vernon. A new trail could not only serve the communities they are in, but help relieve the overcrowded trails of NW. Keeping the area around the trail green will aid tremendously in that.

I meant to make the point that the MBT isn't as great a boon for commuters as recreational cyclists. It will be good for some commuters, but not all, mostly those going to Capitol Hill from Silver Spring, Takoma and upper Northeast. The MBT will be a great addition to the Anacostia tributaries and to the DC Parks and Recreation facilities. Since neither DC nor the parks are run particularly well, the MBT will suffer and be a good thing for very few people. Sad, but this is the direction it's going unless there is a strong push from residents beyond badgering mayoral candidates who will say anything for a vote.

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