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Its easy to find out what Beach Drive between Broad Branch and Military would be like: ride the parallel alternative, Ross/Ridge Drive (ok, its a little hillier). Theres an occasional car, but its tree dense and there are great views into the valley, and several nice picnic stops along the way.

My only fear of closing that portion of Beach Drive is that do doubt we'd loose this little stretch of tranquility inside the city.

I'm perfectly fine with closing Beech Drive -- makes no difference to me, I ride my bike on Beech Drive regardless of cars. However, I'm confused about how they can make the assertion that it won't have an impact on traffic. From who's perspective? Definitely not from the perspective of a driver who uses that road. When that portion of the Beach Driver was closed (actually it was closed at Piney Branch Parkway up), all you needed to do was place yourself at the corner of Arkansas and 14th Street and watch the cars streaming out at rush hour from Piney Branch. Normally, it's pretty busy -- when it was closed, it was downright congested!

the day before
this morning
as cars tailgated me
as cars passed me too fast and too close
as oncoming cars played chicken with me
I thought back to that week where Beach Drive was closed to car traffic



but you already talked about that

too bad they did not plug my blog!
wish they had not mentioned my work place

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