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Fairfax County Cross County Trail paved section; a trail design you do not want to repeat:

In the area between Rte 236 and King Arthur Road, paving of the CCT appears to have narrowed the flood plain resulting in added erosion and flooding concerns for nearby residence; see pictures: http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=0RcMmzZixYsMY¬ag=1

Fairfax County is not an island (of pavement), yet!

(A work in progress by Duane Murphy, [email protected])

Did you know more long ribbons of pavement are being planned or are being added to our stream valleys? For instance, in Holmes Run below Lake Barcroft and Accotink Creek below Lake Accotink.

Many are concerned about paving trails. Are we paving trails because that is all we know how to do? Is there any environmental innovation within Fairfax County? I want to meet the person in Fairfax County who is willing to step out of the box and install a more environmentally friendly trail surface using more environmentally trail construction methods than used in the past! Who is investigating alternatives for trails surfaces and construction methods? Who has researched what others have done successfully to bring together the supposedly "naïve" environmentalists and "greedy" developers with, at first glance, appear to be sharply different interests and agendas?

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