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Clever? You are too kind. Idiotic maybe. Anal certainly. Whatever possessed me. Glad you liked it. I miss Bike DC, so I really do hope DC gets a big all-city ride like New York and Montreal. If you are so inclined you should check out Baltimore's Tour Du Port in October. Weird name, nice ride.

DC totally needs an all-city ride. I wasn't here when BikeDC was on, but I did the 5 Boro Bike Ride and although it is terrifying being on the road with so many non-bikers, it was awesome. How else could I cruise down the FDR Driver, the BQE, and up and over the Queensboro and Verrazzano Bridges. (Most frightening part: When I got to the ramp leading to the Queensboro bridge, the road packed side-to-side with riders, all of a sudden traffic came to a complete standstill b/c people realized they were unable to ride up the steepish ramp. Many people with clipless pedals went down that morning.

I thought WABA was going to get BikeDC going again this year. What happened? Also, when it was going, did they let you ride over bridges and on parkways and such? That would be great.

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