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I just posted my voting recommendations for Montgomery County cyclists on www.mobike.org.
- Jack / MoBike

The comments from the DC mayoral candidates are fascinating to me, less for what they actually say and more for style. Fenty's is big-picture, non-specific, and ultimately doesn't say anything; Cropp's is sort of policy-wonkish and shows that she (or an aide) knows what's going on; and Marie Johns is the most specific and ultimately probably makes the most sense even though she's got no chance of winning. In so many ways, this reflects the election as a whole!
This isn't a reason to vote for the man, but I'd add that there was a lot of chatter on the D-20 listserv earlier in the summer hinting that Fenty would try and bring a major race -- like the CSC Invitational in Arlington -- to DC. Don't know if that was based on anything he said or merely because of his (and his family's) participation in cycling and running.

I find Marie John's comment incredibly condescending: "Additionally, with expansion of bike lanes and paths, cyclists will be held accountable to traffic laws like all other commuters." Right, like the only lawless road users now are cyclists. If all road users were held accountable, we wouldn't need bike lanes and paths.

Adrian Fenty gets it. We don't need facilities in DC -- we have excellent facilities. They're called roads. What we do have is a police department that doesn't consider law enforcement it's core mission. This is classic Fenty -- he's attuned to the quality of life issues that matter to people. It's also consistent with his campaign pledge to remove police chief Charles Ramsey and replace him if elected.

Well, there you have it -- two different ways of viewing the same words. I'm not going to get into who's right and who's wrong because, frankly, it really doesn't make much difference at this point.

I'll give you this much -- I do enjoy the idea of blaming commuters from Maryland and Virginia! :)

Fenty may be a cyclist from a cycling family, but has hindered improvement to bicycling in DC during his time on the city council. He was against the closure of Klingle Road, initially fought the Met Branch Trail through his Ward and has consistently blocked weekday closures of Beach Drive. It is easy to blame MD and VA commuters for our traffic woes, but to systematicaly block efforts to offer new, alternative recreational and transporation corridors to area cyclists is not good leadership.

I think that the Linda Cropp answer was better than the Fenty answer

but... I somehow think that Fenty would be more likely to do something about this issue

or so I hope
as I voted for him
I intend to approach him to discuss this and similar such ideas

(MD election results are scrolling on the television screen)

Fenty's parents own a running store in Adams Morgan
Fenty's brother rides bikes for a road cycling team sponsored by City Bikes

just a little trivia tossed in there

Bicycle routes are typically start nowhere, end suddenly type affairs, without any navigation aides to find where to go. A comprehensive route system is needed as well as the signs to make it usable.
Most of these pols look like they are clueless.

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