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On 9/11 I went across town by bicycle. My recollection is that traffic was moving slowly, and motorists were scared and impatient, and there was a lot of red-light running and other ugly behavior. By bike was a pretty good way to get through traffic, until a motorist hit me and then drove off.

Many cyclists -- myself included -- like to think of themselves as independent, and we think that independence will serve us well in a crisis. But the reality is that on a bicycle you are more dependent on the protection of societal norms, and more at risk in a crisis that leads to a breakdown in societal controls.

The MoCo bikeways master plan recommends a bike crossing at the American Legion Bridge. Also IIRC the Loudoun Co. bike plan endorses future bike ferries at Algonkian Park and Edwards Ferry. Not much help in an evacuation (hmmm, "ferry operator flees, boat left adrift"...) but the Algonkian location would be surperb for regular use by cyclists.

Who would've thought - panicking suburbanites run over everything in their path, making cycling twice as dangerous.

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