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> She goes on to say that "it’s just like they put a road in my back yard.” Except quiet. And non-polluting. And only 10 feet across. And with top speeds of ~15mph. But otherwise just like a road.

Mr. James,

You keep placing comments on this blog such as this one:

I would like to have a copy of the environmental impact statement and the storm water impact statement. I have ask three times now and have not received a response!!

I think maybe you're confused. This is not a government website. If you'd like these items, you should contact your county or city officials. Are the documents you're looking for associated with the Matthew Henson Trail? If so you should contact

Montgomery County Capital Projects & Constructon · Department of Public Works and Transportation
101 Monroe St. · Rockville, Maryland 20850 · [email protected]
· telephone: 240-777-7220 · fax: 240-777-7277 ·

I am sorry to see the Washington Bicyust Association is supporting Montgomery County - there appears to be a conflick of interest

I guise you fine it..

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