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Slightly more from the umd newspaper: http://www.diamondbackonline.com/media/storage/paper873/news/2006/10/18/News/A.New.Route.1-2374098.shtml?norewrite200610201446&sourcedomain=www.diamondbackonline.com

"The most significant changes along the road in the reconstruction plan would be the elimination of the center "suicide" turn lane and the creation of left turn lanes and a tree-lined median. New sidewalks, bike lanes, reconfigured exit ramps and more trees along each side of the road from College Avenue to the Capital Beltway would also be added.

"The changes aim to bolster pedestrian and vehicular safety and enhance the highway's aesthetics, but because of the road's age and natural topography, the changes would be highly expensive."

Don't confuse correlation with causation. Just because the routes with bike lanes had the fewest accidents/incidents/whatever doesn't mean that the bike lane MADE the route safe. It could just mean that bike lanes were added to roads that were already relatively safe.

I agree, though, that Route 1 needs a bike facility of some kind. It's nasty enough to drive on--I can't imagine riding my bike on it [and I'm pretty bold].

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