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Whoa, hold up, $250 fine? What happened to the already ridiculous $72 fine ($15 fine + $57 "processing fee")?

Also, I wonder what the definition of "front light" is?...I've got a Knog Frog light on mine that's about as small as they come. Guess I'm "in compliance." Of course, I usually run a stronger (chargeable) light when it gets dark, but there are times when I get caught out later than expected.

Ah well, running from cops will blow the dust off some good memories...

It's fine that they have this law and that they are suggesting that it's enforced, but I've got to wonder how often it really is enforced. I suspect it's more like the rare occasional crack-down on HOV violators that happens every now and then on I-66 (maximum penalty $1,000!) or speeding, um, like everywhere.

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