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Gotta love the "bike jail" image from the second link: locked up for the crime of underconsumption and put on display as a warning to others who might be inclined toward sedition.

Isn't that wrought iron fence a little much?

Well, it's New York City - at a transit stop (where the bike might be left all day), so I'm not sure even that's enough security for the Big Apple.

I do like the idea of putting two bikes in there for a little Thunderdome-style steel cage death match. My bike would so win.

Even better would be something like what they are now using in Portland, OR.


Wait WC, are you saying that the "cage" locks somehow? I thought maybe it was just supposed to look intimidating to the casual, opportunistic bike thief or something.

BTW, what do you ride?

A bike locked to a parking meter is a safety hazard? Give me a break!

If you look at the picture of the cage, there's a little mechanical box on the corner. I think that requires a swipe card or something for access. I ride a Specialized Sirrus mostly.

A bike locked to a parking meter could be a safety hazard depending on the location, but most (98%) of the time, I think they're fine. In general I'm brought back to the numerous times my dad yelled at me for using a screwdriveer as a hammer - "For every job there is one right tool" he would say. A parking meter is not the right tool (it may be more like using a butter knife as a screwdriver though).

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