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Facilities, facilities, facilities. Have you ever thought about policy? Here's a few from my list

1. Revision of minimum passing distance of a bicycle in Virginia and Maryland. Maryland currently has a "suggested" minimum distance of 3 feet, but no firm law; Virginia has 2 feet written into its law. Both should be updated to the emerging national standard of 3 feet.

2. Repeal of the mandatory bike lane and shoulder use law in Maryland.

3. Repeal of mandatory bike registration in the District. (Second choice: implementation of registration by the incoming police chief. Either way, legalize biking in DC).

4. Removal of the illegal no bikes signs on Massachusetts Avenue at Thomas Circle.

5. Just once, have a Post transportation writer admit that cyclists are actually allowed to use the roadway -- the part of the road to the left of the white line.

Those are all good. But wait till you see my whole list - it isn't all facilities (though I admit, I probably like to talk about facilities more than anything else).

I know that this is a bike blog, but I think what is happening to Metrorail is much more alarming than DC's bike registration laws. If the new rate hikes turn riders into motorists, we're all going to screwed, including cyclists.

Another policy wish list:

Revision of the AASHTO bike facilities guidelines, so that dangerous facilities are no longer endorsed, and highway planners can no longer hide behind the excuse that the facilities meet AASHTO guidelines.

My number one wish is for the NPS to redesign the Mount Vernon Trail between Fort Hunt Road and Waynewood Boulevard. A nasty, shoulderless switchback has no place in a trail design. If you have to put up a sign that says "Walk bikes" you should take the hint that the trail design is deficient.
My number two wish is for trail designers to put replace stop signs with some yield signs at street crossings for trail users (and put stop signs in for street users). The W&OD in Falls Church would benefit greatly from such a change.

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