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Your guess is as good as mine, of course, but I think the Rock Creek Park reference could be a reference to the symbolism of Rock Creek Park. It's a great place, the park, and something I make a lot of use of, but it has often been used in city politics as a divider. It's less obvious now, but it's still a little there - West of the park is white; east of the park, isn't. Viewed in this context, it could be that they don't want the parkland along the Anacostia to be the divider.

As for "what's so nice about chain restaurants?" again, I'd say it has to do with Anacostia's perception of itself with relation to the rest of the city - they are ignored, without amenities. A chain restaurant - other than a McDonald's - is hard to find. Ruby Tuesday's or Outback Steakhouse is family dining, and while they aren't what I consider to be fine dining, there is no doubt that the new Ruby Tuesday's in Columbia Heights appears to be quite popular. So, somebody must like it. This must be especially true in a neighborhood where they don't have such a thing.

I hope DC United does, in fact, get a stadium over there. I think this is a key to getting people from throughout the metro area over there. That, combined with the new baseball stadium on the other side of the river, makes loads of sense to me in terms of making the waterfront a place for recreation and entertainment.

All of this, I realize, is unrelated to cycling, but there it is....

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