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From what I've seen those "submerged bridges" are usually made of concrete, not asphalt. Still, lime leaching into watershed tributaries can't be a good thing, as I assume it can raise the stream pH, at least in the short term.

My beef is that they can make winter crossings a pain; if you choose to ride them, there's a big price to pay for failure. That, and the fact that debris piles up against the pylons, forming a dam.

Guess they're cheaper, and thus more attractive.

Any idea what the status of the trail is now? I'm no longer seeing construction equipment at the Columbia Pike trailhead.

I know I am commenting on an old post, but: I was on this trail yesterday for the first time, starting from Cameron Run. When I got to Glen Hills Park, the trail simply ended, but I could see another paved trail on the other (south) side of the river. I crossed on the rocks, and was able to continue up the trail to Columbia Pike. Anyone know if they plan to put in a bridge over Holmes Run at this spot?
The "fair weather" crossings are somewhat annoying, especially with 5 of them in approximately 1 mile of trail. At each crossing, a sign warns cyclists to dismount. There are raised concrete structures that pedestrians can step across (or if you have good balance - you could carry your bike!)

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