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Ha! During rush hour, it's much faster to ride on the sidewalk than to ride in the travel lanes of Route 1. I'm not saying Route 1 is a good place to bike, but traffic moves very slowly, if at all, during rush hour.

I find Rt. 1 a very unpleasant place to drive: narrow lanes, suicide turn lane, driveways everywhere, and it's ugly! There are some useful businesses there [yea, Proteus Bikes!], but the ambience is even nastier than Rockville Pike.

Yeah, Route 1 is a classic car culture road. I was surprised the first time I saw it because my experience has been that neighborhoods near colleges are pedestrian friendly (they pre-date the car, old building stock since the areas are recession-proof and lots of carless students). But I think I read here http://www.rethinkcollegepark.net/blog/ that change is afoot.

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