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Anyone who claims that a railroad pollutes when they live near a super congested road like EW Highway ought to be sent to the insane asylum.It is a lame excuse and is based on the notion that trains cannot be quiet or clean. This is a very obsolete view.It is only the wealthy home owners in Chevy Chase, who all drive cars, that object to this rational proposal.This kind of thinking is the same kind of NIMBYism that is taking place in Nantucket where all of the feel-good, leftist rich people are opposed to wind turbines.The same people can be seen driving SUVs with Sierra Club bumperstickers or WWF stickers on their bumpers.Total hypocrites. Its good enough for everyone else- but not in my backyard.

Is it a particular Montgomery County quality to think that money is no object if it is for something in ones own back yard? We would have trouble pulling together the $25 million required to complete the trail into Silver Spring without the trolley (MTA estimate 2002) much less the $800 million minimum required to put the light rail in a tunnel ($200m per mile/4 miles).

Light rail, at grade with a good hedgerow separation from the trail, and lots of new trees, shrubs, bulbs and benches at rest areas - all this can be done for an amount likely to be competitive in the FTA sweepstakes for new start funding. Let's get on with it.

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